Social Psycho UGC List

S. No. State/UT Name District Institute Name Officer details Faculty Details
1 Bihar Gaya Central University of South Bihar, Patna (Id: U-0062) Name : Prof. Harish Chandra Singh Rathore
Contact No. : 06312229502
Email Id : vc@cub.ac.in
Name : School of Social Sciences and Policy
Department : Centre for Sociological Studies
2 Bihar Patna Patna University, Patna (Id: U-0074) Name : Prof. Rash Bihari Prasad Singh
Contact No. : 09572356845
Email Id : vc@patnauniversity.ac.in
Name : Social Sciences
Department : Sociology , Womens Studies
3 Bihar EAST CHAMPARAN Mahatma Gandhi Central University, Motihari (Id: U-0835) Name : Prof.(Dr) Anil Kumar Rai
Contact No. : 06252241007
Email Id : vc@mgcub.ac.in
Name : School of Social Sciences
Department : Department of Interventional Development and Social Work